Leanbox is Everything Startup

We are all busy, I get it. Well if you’re planning on starting or running a business you should be. The goal of LeanBox is to deliver things straight up and cut the bullsh*t. Bringing you useful information and tools to help you efficiently build and run your startup.

We all know having a good idea is just the beginning.  What does it take to turn that good idea into a billion dollars? Well I don’t know, because I’m not a billionaire just yet.  But if you want to try and figure it out with me, keep on reading.

What you will find on this site.

  1. Startup Validation :  How to find out if it’s a good idea? Odds are it’s probably a bad idea.
  2. Business Planning : Where is this all going.
  3. Building a Startup : Getting sh*t done.
  4. Growing a Startup : Bringing in the users.
  5. Startup Tools : The essential tools you may or may not need.