Toggl – Time Tracking App

Simply put Toogl is a time tracking app that lets measure how much time you spend on tasks and projects. Whys is this useful for startups? Well even if you do not bill by the hour, I find it is incredibly useful to know where you are spending your time. A lot of time you don’t realise how much time you spend on certain tasks, well by timing each of your tasks you can pull reports on exactly where your time is going. Feel free to checkout our post on time management.

Toggl is a free tool, there are paid features such as time estimates and allow you to create larger teams. I never felt the need to upgrade.

Here is a list of features that I think are worth mentionning:

  • It’s fairly simple to use;
  • You can group tasks by project;
  • You can split your tasks in different organisations or teams;
  • You can get reports on teams, individuals or projects;
  • It is available as an web app and has a native version for Android and iPhone.

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