Leanbox.co startup community

Startup Lovers Unite, a Startup Community Is Born.

We’re happy to announce the launch of Leanbox.co a startup community aiming to help people better run their business. We love entrepreneurship and just want to eat, sleep and breathe everything around it, so we’ve created this website.

We aim at doing 3 things

  1. Provide to the point and useful information about startups;
  2. Create a startup community to discuss and share what’s going on in the world of entrepreneurship;
  3. Share and create tools that will make running a business easier.

Information you will find

What kind of stuff can you expect to find? First we love to read so make sure to checkout our book review section. We also will write and comment about idea validation, business models, growth and other wonderful things.

The Startup Community

One thing we notice about the startup crowd is that they’re a passionate bunch. So we hope to be able to pick the brains of other entrepreneurs through interviews, discussions and polls.

Bring On The Tools

We’re all trying to be efficient and technology is our ally (or sometimes enemy) we will offer reviews of tools optimized for startup oriented ventures.

Post image is creative commons licensed (BY-ND) flickr photo by gunarsg: http://flickr.com/photos/gunarsg/5128524436

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